INSECTA TECH designs, develops and produces high quality, high performance motion simulators. With a simple and easy installation process, low power draw and products beautifully designed to fit inside the home environment. With over 90% of our simulators utilizing custom machined components, INSECTA TECH simulators are from the ground up designed and built to be at the pinnacle of motion simulation.


All INSECTA TECH simulators are variations of 6-Axis designs, with the range catering to user needs, budgets and available spaces, from the small floor space, low cost FireAnt to the high performance DragonFly, we have simulator that will suit you. INSECTA TECH designs are bold and bulky, industrial in style, yet beautiful and unique, so that each owner will not only find pleasure in the use of the machine but also find it visually appealing.


Offering excellent value for money, lower cost does not mean lower quality, from smart purposeful designs to full control over manufacturing and assembly. All INSECTA TECH simulators are produced with the same attention to detail and philosophy, over-sized, over-engineered, designed to last a lifetime.


Based on the high performance STM32F4 microprocessor running real-time calculations at 168Mhz the INSECTA TECH Motor Neuron Controller is an ultra low latency motion controller offering high resolution, smooth motion, soft crash, soft start and stop as well as over 100 axis's support. Exclusive true-motion queuing system compatible with Simtools motion control software and all compatible software titles.


The INSECTA TECH silent shake system dampens unwanted vibrations in the chassis which means a comfortable quiet experience on our simulators. Without silent shake INSECTA TECH would not be able to design and build the worlds fastest commercially available simulators.


Next generation modularity, the INSECTA TECH space frame design utilizing light weight materials and modular couplings which allow changing from one style of racing to another or from race to flight in a short turnaround time. A new fat pipe platform simplifies the overall chassis and gives an even more aggressive bulk look while increasing the platform stiffness significantly without an increase in mass.