The majority of the simulators use components that were originally designed for industrial, automotive or other commercial purposes. These often come with limitations, when the target was set out to produce a best in class simulator it was clear that everything will need to be purpose built and designed to suit the requirements. The hyper simulator is significantly faster than the industry standard, meaning that real life forces are more closely simulated. With the long stroke and high roll centers the feeling of G force is also much more pronounced over more typical low roll center compact simulators that have more of a tipping feel. If you are still wondering why, just look at it.

All components of our simulators are specifically designed and produced for this purpose, our production is therefore slightly slower than simulators assembled from off the shelf components. We are however in the process of building stock and are working on reducing the delivery times.

Yes certainly, if you already have components we can assist with brackets to suit your display / audio / seat / steering and pedals. 

First select your chassis. For the chassis you will require to supply 4 x 45AH lead calcium or lead acid batteries.

You will also require a seating solution, audio and visual solutions as well as a suitable PC.

We suggest a Dual GTX1080/GTX 1080 ti or Dual AMD Vega RX 64 based PC for the best experience on either VR or on the Dichoptic display with it’s 5120×1440 resolution.

You will need whichever sim/game you prefer along with simtools from xsimulator.net and/or the BFF motion driver from http://bffsimulation.com/index.php


We ship to your nearest port via air freight, the shipping costs including customs clearance however you will be responsible for your countries duties and taxes. Please note that you will need to arrange for collection from the port. 

Test units are currently underway and you will be able to test the FireFly in the Netherlands and in South Africa from December 2017.