Small size, Large Torque THORAX 21 No E-Stop THORAX 21 won't lose control 20Nm+ Can you handle the THORAX 21? 6Kg - All integrated THORAX 21 with a custom
zero cogging motor
Keep your organs, limbs and soul THORAX 21 is affordable Rugged ETHERNET connectivity THORAX 21 powered by SimNERVE

"Lap times on the dirt oval have come down from 13.848 to 13.725"
What to expect? What customers say Direct Drive wheelbases are the pinnacle solution to steering wheel input and simulation on PC, if done right.

Thorax21 epitomizes a direct drive wheel, "Done right". It won't try to impress you by giving you the full 20Nm of torque the motor is capable of, instead, expect to feel the maximum detail, subtle high definition feedback, all in control without arcade type violent behavior that makes for entertaining viral videos, and nothing else. Thorax21 might not help you with fun and out of control wheel spinning youtube videos, but it will help you improve your lap times with a significant step up in realism.
"I can feel every little detail."
Less is more

Thorax21 is a tightly integrated package, doing away with a dedicated FFB controller and utilizing the motor driver and motor control fuzzy logic PIC to achieve it's exceptional feedback performance. You will not find 20 settings, spring, inertia, damping etc. With our algorithm we've reduced complexity so that you can concentrate on racing and not spend hours trying to dial in your wheel.

By integrating the force feedback in the motor controller Thorax have been measured with a response time as low as 0.9ms, 3-16 times lower than other wheels on the market. Thorax21 is not a "Motor with a DIY electronics box", It's a fully integrated wheel, beautifully carved from billet aluminium with it's integrated cooling system allowing the ability to use motors with much lower inertia, increasing fidelity.
"Way better than expected"
"The wheel is insane!"
Why Thorax21? The Philosophy "I won my first race after switching to the wheel, I was way more consistent"
"The wheel looks amazing."

• 230mm x 160mm x 140mm
• <6 Kg
• 22Nm Torque
• 600W PSU
• 40KCPR Resolution
• Lemo connectors
• Ethernet interface
• Supports UART SimNERVE Wheel pass-through with hot-plug connectivity
• True-feel technology with telemetry enhancement *1
• Fully CNC machined aluminium end plates
• Composite/Suede leather housing
1. RPM and telemetry support limited and not available on all titles. New titles added every month.

Universal Button Box With Nextion 2.4" Dispaly Fits most aftermarket 70mm rims Speaks SimNERVE All metal magnetic flexure shifters non-moving no-wear Add as many as you need Quick Release Add-ons

Extra quick release for Thorax21. ADD TO CART R1500 $880 CHECK OUT Buy your Thorax21 here: Thorax 21 ADD TO CART CHECK OUT The Thorax 21 Direct Drive Wheelbase
Mate with any 70mm wheelrim
20Nm Torque, Quick release included
Powered by SimNERVE
Batch 3

*Payment amount converted and automatically processed in ZAR
R13000 R3000 ADD TO CART CHECK OUT Add your favorite aftermarket rim with 70mm spacing to your Thorax21. Includes 2 multi-function buttons(14 functions), up and down shift and a Nextion 2.4" $199 $99